Innovative Approaches

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The course Innovative Approaches to Teaching is a practical guide which helps to improve quality and effectivity of educational process in any classroom. Encouraging creativity, organising projects, integrating minority pupils or using ICT as a tool for developing critical thinking are examples of the course modules that will broaden your teaching potential and motivate your students.


  • Enhance skills to use various innovative teaching methods and techniques that are learner-centred, encourage solving of meaningful real-world tasks and develop transversal competencies.
  • Boost skills in using open and digital resources, support development of digital skills and media literacy, increase capacity to trigger changes in terms of modernization using ICT.
  • Generate ready‐to‐use materials and ideas to support school or organisational development in the field of innovative education with regards to interdisciplinary and holistic approach.
  • Gain techniques for working with heterogeneous classrooms, support inclusion of various minorities into mainstream education based on democratic values, promote active participation in society.
  • Develop relevant, high-level skills such as creativity, critical thinking, metacognition and other key competences through innovative teaching methods, enhance good quality of mainstream education.

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He has been the Head of the Human Resources Development in the Education Department since 2013. He founded the Near East University Distance Learning Centre and served as the Director between the years of 2013-2019, the Vice Dean of the Faculty of Open and Distance Education in 2015-2019, and Acting Dean of the same faculty since 2019. Hüseyin Bicen has contributed to various social responsibility projects as well as Environmental Education and Technology Integration works, and is a member of the Administrative Board of the Accessible Informatics Platform. Hüseyin Bicen has published high-impact articles titled Distance Education, Social Media in Education, Technology Addiction, Massive Open Online Courses, Artificial Intelligence, Gamification, and Flipped Classroom in both national and international conference papers and book chapters with academic content indexed in the Social Sciences Index. In addition, he is an active participant in the science committees of international conferences as well as the referee boards of projects and journals.


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