Key Aspects of Being a Management Dietitian

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In terms of public health, mass nutrition systems are a very important field of service. It is very important to provide various target audiences with a service that offers them a sufficient and balanced diet outside of their homes. Here, the characteristics and quality of mass nutrition and the equipment of the personnel providing services in this field are very important. We can examine the target audience of mass nutrition from a wide perspective, including children, adults, elderly people, employees, patients, prisoners, and military personnel. Many individuals in this category eat one or more meals per day at these institutions that provide mass nutrition services.  In the field of nutrition, food infections and food poisoning, which have negative effects on public health, can be seen in cases where there is any deterioration in the quality of the mass nutrition service. The development of these situations shows us that the service industry is very important with regard to protecting the health of the public. Therefore, if we examine the stages of the management and organization of this important service area, having people who are trained in menu management and supervision, menu enrichment/recipe development, purchasing principles, purchasing healthy and economical foods, healthy storage conditions, healthy food preparation, and cooking, providing healthy food, removing waste, washing and fulfilling all these processes according to food quality assurance systems such as hygiene, sanitation, HACCP, and ISO 22000 is important. Since the field of mass nutrition has a large management and organization basis, the authorities should be trained in the field of mass nutrition, the managers should be experienced and suitably equipped, and it should be managed with a good organization.

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Specialist Dietitian Fatma Hacet was born in Nicosia on the 22nd of August 1990. She completed her primary school at the Şht. Doğan Ahmet İlkokulu and her middle school at the Atleks Sanverler Ortaokulu. She then studied high school at the Bülent Ecevit Anadolu Lisesi (2004-2008). In 2013, she graduated from the Near East University Health Sciences Institute Nutrition and Dietetics Department. In 2017, she completed the Near East University Health Sciences Institute Nutrition and Dietetics Postgraduate Training Program. She has been working at the Near East University Health Sciences Faculty Nutrition and Dietetics Department as a research developer since 2014 and been continuing her Doctorate studies at the Near East University Health Sciences Institute Nutrition and Dietetics Department since 2017. Her fields of interest include Mass Nutrition Systems, Hygiene and Sanitation, Menu Planning, Nutrition Principles, and Nutrition Microbiology.


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