Speech Education

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Course description

This course is designed to equip the participants with elocution skills required to influence the audience to be addressed in daily and prepared speeches and to express what they want to say more fluently and effectively. As it is undeniable that fluent and sincere speeches have a greater effect on the targeted audience, the effect of fluent and engaging speeches on success is clear. This course comprises successive sessions designed to provide tips on how to transfer ideas and affect the audience in daily conversations or the delivery of the prepared speech. We also aim to inform society about this subject.

Course outcomes

  • You will learn how to choose appropriate words and enhance your vocabulary with new words for effective communication or speech
  • You will gain the skills required to add a new perspective on the act of speaking
  • The relationship between the act of speaking, affecting, and communication will be taught
  • The importance of body language in speaking will be taught
  • It will be understood that speaking fluently and effectively and being aesthetic is related to education.


A certificate of participation is given upon completion of this course.


Course Features

  • Lectures 8
  • Quizzes 0
  • Duration 91 Dakika
  • Skill level All Levels
  • Language Turkish ( English Subtitle)
  • Students 0
  • Certificate Yes
  • Assessments Yes
He was born in Malatya on 20.04.1970. He completed his primary, secondary and high school education at Gazi Primary School, Atatürk Secondary School and Malatya High School. Later, he worked as an editor-reporter for the Malatya'nın Sesi Newspaper published in Malatya. He worked as a presenter for 1 year at the radio station "Radyo 44 FM", then worked as news director and announcer at Radio Fırat. He was offered a job where he worked as a news manager and news announcer at the regional radio "FM23" and Kanal 23 Television broadcasting within the same institution in Elazığ. Later, he transferred to another news channel broadcasting in Elazığ as a shareholder and continued his duties as news director as well as announcer and general editorial director. During this time, he worked as the person in charge of the Eastern and Southeastern Anatolia Region of Show TV. In 1998, he worked at the Show TV Istanbul news centre for a short period (in the meantime, three documentaries he made won first prizes invarious competitions, and he was awarded four local awards and some achievement plaques in news broadcasting.) In 1999, he was accepted into the Near East University Faculty of Communication Radio TV Cinema department with a scholarship and completed his study with a high grade average in 4 years; he then completed his master's degree in the same faculty with a scholarship. He lived in the Turkish Republic of North Cyprus Between 1999 and 2003, as well as 2010-2013, and he worked as the main news announcer for the state television Bayrak Radio and Television Corporation (BRT), while he also hosted various other news programmes. Dr. Mustafa Ufuk Çelik, who gave lectures on the art of speaking for 2 years at the Faculty of Performing Arts at NEU, in addition to various lectures within the Faculty of Communication, completed his doctorate in the Department of Educational Administration, Supervision and Planning at NEU. He is now working at NEU as an Associate Professor.


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₺149.00 ₺99.00

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