Online Mathematics Education Assist. Prof. Dr. Rifat Reis

This course aims to solve the mathematical problems encountered at every education level and to improve mathematical skills in general.

Learning outcomes

  •  Ability to solve mathematical problems
  •  Ability to establish logic relationships
  •  Increasing focus on math exams at all levels
  •  Self-confidence in mathematics
  •  Ability to comprehend the solutions of mathematical problems in practical form

What will I learn in this course? 

  •  You will gain a new perspective on solving problems you do not understand in the field of mathematics.
  • You will learn the real computational properties of widely recognized and frequently used mathematical rules.
  •  You will obtain information about how to start when solving problems

Why should I take this course? 

I recommend that you take this course in order to understand the subjects you have difficulty understanding in any field of mathematics and to proceed more confidently towards achieving your goals.

Subject headings of the course

  • All Mathematics subjects in the curriculum for AYT, TYT, KPSS, DGS, ALES exams.
  • All Mathematics subjects needed at high school level
  • Subjects related to all Mathematics courses taken in any department of the University
  •  Mathematics subjects for IGCSE AND A-LEVEL exams

Duration of the course

1 hours each week

Course language


Specify the target audience of the course 

All age groups can participate in this course.

Start Time


May 20, 2021

Finish Time


May 20, 2021

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